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Interdisciplinary Treatment with Clear Aligners



Digital Dentures The Future is Now ! 



Evaluation and Treatment of Endodontic Emergencies



The Role of Cosmetic and Therapeutic Injectables in Dental Practice

Niloufar Amintavakoli

Know What you See. Common incidental Radiographic Findings



Prosthetic Solutions for a Compromised Surgical Result



Understanding Prosthetic Concepts in the Surgical Management of Failed Dentitions:  Surgical Success vs. Esthetic Success


A Secret Pay Raise: How Embezzlers Think and Act

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A TEDtalks

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Interdisciplinary Treatment with Clear Aligners

Sandra Tai, BDS, MS

Certified Specialist in Orthodontics

Complex restorative cases often require an interdisciplinary approach for optimized treatment outcome in esthetics, form and function. Recent innovations in technology and clear aligners have revolutionized treatment planning possibilities for patients presenting with multiple dental issues requiring complex comprehensive treatment. This will be illustrated with clinical cases demonstrating how a pre-restorative orthodontic phase with clear aligners can facilitate a more ideal restorative outcome for veneer placement, preparing single tooth implant sites and creating anterior or posterior occlusal clearance to facilitate restorative treatment.


Learning Objectives:


This presentation will cover:


a. Redistributing space in preparation for veneers

b. Preparing the single tooth implant site – Anterior

c. Preparing the singles tooth implant site – Posterior

d. Creating anterior occlusal clearance

e. Creating posterior occlusal clearance


The learner will learn how to use ClinCheck software as a treatment planning tool, how to program in a suitable ClinCheck plan for bodily movement of teeth in preparation for implant placement, design anchorage requirements for anterior and posterior intrusion to create occlusal clearance.  This will be illustrated with clinical cases.


Digital Dentures The Future is Now! 

Eric Kukucka, DD

Currently one of the most attractive new topics in Digital Dentistry is Digital Dentures. Past, Future or Present is always the topic of discussion with Digital Removable. This presentation will cover all the aspects of the Digital Denture Process including understanding clinical protocols , design protocols and manufacturing protocols for Digital Denture Success . Various workflows will be shown with utilization of a Lab Scanning workflow as well as Trios Intra Oral scanning device. An emphasis on the current state of Additive and Subtractive  manufacturing methods will be discussed as well. 

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an event for the next generation of dental professionals

Evaluation and Treatment of Endodontic Emergencies

Denise Foran, DDS

Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics

Dental pain is an issue that all dental practitioners encounter at some point in their practices.  Although the mechanisms of pain are not fully understood, research has helped the practitioner to come to better diagnoses and treat these conditions.  Knowledge of this subject will enable dental practitioners to educate their patients, effectively collaborate with our medical colleagues, and make appropriate referrals when necessary. 


  1. Briefly discuss mechanisms of endodontic pain. 

  2. How to manage dental pain on a local and systemic level.  

  3. Recognize the typical presentations of non-odontogenic pain.  

  4. Understand the role of psychosocial co-morbidities associated with dental pain. 


The Role of Cosmetic and Therapeutic Injectables in a Dental Practice 

Alex Meneshian, DDS, MD


The practice and scope of dentistry in NY State as well as the US is slowly changing. Dentists are extremely well trained in facial anatomy and the administration of anesthetic injections. 

Cosmetic dental patients comprise a certain demographic that tie in well to the practice of facial rejuvenation.

Expand your scope of practice by acquiring knowledge in the use of Botox and dermal fillers. 

Dr. Alex Meneshian will discuss key components of establishing a medi- spa within a dental practice, treatment planning cosmetic procedures for the dental patient as well as discussing certain obstacles which you may encounter in your journey.


  1. Incorporating a medi-spa within an existing dental practice.

  2. Discuss key elements of a proper consultation.

  3. Review of important facial anatomical structures

  4. Pharmacology of Injectables 

  5. Key applications of Injectables in a dental practice.

  6. My prediction of future trends.

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Know What you See. Common incidental Radiographic Findings

Niloufar Amintavakoli, DDS

It is common in dentistry to recognize findings on radiographs that are not related to the main clinical indication of imaging. In this lecture, I will discuss the variants of normal anatomy that can mimic pathology, lesions that can be found incidentally on dental radiographs and criteria for proper decision making in diagnosis of these incidental findings. This presentation will review and provide alternate strategies of radiographic interpretation and highlight how they are used to make the correct diagnoses


learning objectives:
1. Ability to identify common incidental findings in dental radiographs
2. Discuss factors involved


Prosthetic Solutions for a Compromised Surgical Result

Sameet Sheth, DDS

Surgical dental therapy, including dental implants, have been at the heart of dental restorative therapy for decades.  Without proper communication between the restorative and surgical dentists, surgical therapy can lead to undesired results, making the restorative therapy challenging to achieve esthetic and hygienic results that are satisfactory.  This lecture will look at how less than ideal surgical results impact restorative decision making, and how to achieve results that are esthetically and hygienically acceptable.


Learning Objectives:

1. How to communicate with surgical specialties as a restorative dentist to achieve proper restorative therapies

2. How to restore surgically compromised cases to achieve esthetic and hygienic results in multiple modalities

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Understanding Prosthetic Concepts in the Surgical Management of Failed Dentitions:  Surgical Success vs. Esthetic Success

Stephanie Chu, DDS

This lecture will elaborate on key interdisciplinary concepts that the surgeon must be

able to identify in order to successfully treatment plan and deliver an esthetic result


The lecture will highlight examples of esthetic failures and successes, ranging from full

mouth rehabilitations to focused areas of therapy, with the overarching theme of the importance of communication with the prosthetic team and mutual understanding of what the other does


It will also illustrate the esthetic consequences of surgical decisions and emphasize how understanding elements of prosthetics and esthetic analysis as a surgeon plays into optimizing success for the dental team and the patient

Lecture Objectives:

  • The lecture is presented from the surgeon’s point of view. At the end of the lecture,attendees should be able to understand the surgical advantage offered by prosthetics in enhancing the final esthetic outcome

  • A key distinction will be made between what is deemed surgical versus esthetic success, the latter of which cannot be achieved without prosthetic planning and communication


A Secret Pay Raise: How Embezzlers Think and Act

Pat Little, DDS

While the majority of dental teams are loyal and honest, it only takes one desperate individual to financially ruin a dental practice. Traditional internal control strategies are useful and important, but they have limitations and may not be as effective as doctors think. Many doctors fail to discover fraud and embezzlement until significant damage has occurred.

Learn how to mitigate damages by recognizing important warning signs associated with embezzlement and by understanding the characteristics and behaviors of an embezzler. It is important to realize that embezzlers think like criminals and do not follow our rules.

Course Objectives:

  • Recognize the profile of a typical embezzler

  • Analyze the strengths and limits of internal controls strategies

  • Learn additional actions that need to be taken beyond internal controls

  • Identify red flag behaviors that are often associated with embezzlement

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