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Thank you for your interest in an AID membership. The AID is a new concept in dental groups and meetings, dedicated to serving the next generation of dental professionals. We are a truly multidisciplinary group, incorporating all specialties and technicians. Your involvement will only help strengthen our group and allow you to shape the future of this organization. We hope you find your AID membership a source of pride, fulfillment and fun.


By becoming an AID member, you will have access to our yearly meeting, evening programs and social events. In addition, you will have early access to our intensive courses on procedures and concepts.


The AID is a new organization and is growing day by day. By becoming an AID member, you are supporting the foundation of a new dental society, and will be able to help drive our growth based on your interests. The AID was founded to serve you and without you we cannot succeed.


Dentist / Specialist / Technician - $250
Recent Graduates (within three years) - $175
Student Membership (including meetings) - $99

Student Membership (no meetings) - FREE
Hygienists / Staff / Auxiliary - $175

Your membership includes access to our annual meeting and discounts and perks for our other events.

AID Membership is non-refundable

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