The AID Esthetic Implant Symposium will consist of a didactic and hands-on workshop that will focus on achieving ideal implant esthetics and avoiding complications. The course will be given by a periodontist, a general dentist, and a master dental technician/lab owner. In addition to didactic lecture, cases will be presented that demonstrate the correct steps involved in treatment planning for the ideal esthetic implant result. Results of improper implant treatment planning will be discussed, and treatments of implant complications will be shown.

This Symposium Will help You

  • Discuss proper 3-dimensional implant placement

  • Discuss the compromise made when ideal placement is not an option

  • Discuss how to surgically replace compromised implants in the esthetic zone

  • Learn techniques to carefully remove teeth

  • Learn the available non-invasive surgical hard and soft tissue techniques

  • Review prosthetically driven treatment planning guidelines that facilitate esthetic

  • Understand digital smile creation workflows

  • Learn digital methods for esthetic implant restoration

  • Identify obstacles in the compromised case and treatment plan for success

  • Determine which material will give best strength and optimal esthetics to repair compromised cases

  • Learn which implant restorative options are available in compromised cases

  • Identify implants based on radiographs and clinical photos



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